How to Handle Jealousy in a Relationship

Most men and women would have felt pangs of jealousy at some time or the other in a relationship. Jealousy can be irrational and lead to unreasonable behavior. Jealousy can destroy the best of relationships and needs to be controlled in the very beginning when it begins to arise. Most situations where a partner has exhibited jealousy are baseless with no concrete reasons for it to arise. Controlling jealousy in a relationship needs having a mature and self-assured outlook. Whether you dating online or offline there are many different situations where jealousy can arise. Some of the ways by which to handle this negative emotion in relationships are:

Remember he chose you

Before getting all worked up and upset think in a cool and calm manner without jumping to any assumptions. Your partner is with you and chose you to be in a relationship. Without any evidence allowing jealousy to arise just because he interacts with other women is not reason enough to feel insecure. The bottom line is to assess the situation with maturity.

Have self-confidence

Most women and men that exhibit jealousy have poor self-esteem and lack in self-confidence. Learn to develop your self-confidence in yourself and your abilities. Never underestimate yourself in comparison to others. Even if there are certain areas you lack in confidence find ways to overcome theme. Never reveal your insecurities to your partner or anyone else. Find ways to build up your self-confidence and work towards making yourself more attractive. These will help you become strong and gain in confidence.

Jealousy makes one exaggerate

One of the biggest drawbacks of feeling jealous is it makes one exaggerate situations, more than they actually are. Learn to take an objective view of situations and not just from your own personal viewpoint. When you examine situations objectively you will realize that the majority of times you were feeling jealous were baseless and did not warrant such feelings.  

It is normal to feel jealous

Do not punish yourself if you feel the occasional pangs of jealousy. As humans, it is only natural to feel such emotions at some time or the other. While it is naturally occurring emotion, we need to check and control our emotions. Whenever you feel jealous about a partner remember you do not own them. Every individual has his or her own personal space and is not owned by their partners. While it is okay to feel a bit jealous do not let the emotions ruin your peace of mind. Self-control is the key to dealing with situations where jealousy arises.

It is not the end of the world

If even in the worst case scenario your suspicions are well founded, relax it is not the end of the world. No need to fret or fume over the situation. Analyze it logically and think if your partner has been unfaithful on more than one occasion it is best to leave such a person. Why should you spoil your life and happiness with an individual that lacks trustworthiness and is not worth having in your life? Move on and find someone better that is loyal in a relationship.

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