First Date Blunders To Avoid

As it is often said, the first impression is the last impression. This applies very well so to first dates. You must not be late. Unless, you have a genuine reason, of course! Even if you are late, you must let your date know, as soon as possible. It’s rude, and reduces your chances dramatically for anything further if you do or do not let them know.

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If and when you do make it, do not do the following:

Behave rudely with staff

How you treat people is of utmost importance in making the other person understand who you really are. Waiters and hosts get a lot of crap from entitled customers. You must be nice to them and set yourself apart. Not anything crazy, but just being nice to them while placing orders etc.

Talk about a previous relationship

A first date signals a new beginning i.e. moving on from the past. And obviously, you do not want to jeopardize this by talking of an ex. Go on a date, when you are sure you can handle it. It makes a better chance for you to succeed.  An ex or talking about them, rather, shows to your date that you haven’t moved on, and are not ready for anything serious, which they might be looking for.

Poor table manners

Now, this one may sound silly, but do not underestimate its importance. This doesn’t mean that you know table etiquette of the different forks and spoons, like in those five-star fine dining places, but just the basics like neatness, eating without spillage etc. Learn some tips to impress her. This stuff goes a long way, believe me!

Moving too fast

This one concerns after date behavior. Let’s say all goes well and you decide to meet again. Well, good for you, but you second date might become your last, make sure to no do anything to make that happen. No, I’m not talking about the three-day texting thing as you’ve e seen in the movies. There’s not a fixed time for that. As every person is different, your approach must be different as well. Make use of a reasonable time. And it’s best to steer clear of social media. You don’t want to give off stalker vibes by friending them on Facebook, liking, reacting and commenting on every photo. The age old saying is- Slow and steady, wins the race.

Discuss politics

Everything in this world today is political, but try to make your date stay away from that. The polarization effect doesn’t steer clear of the date. It’s best to get through the first date without it, and maybe save that for the second. It becomes easier to weed out those who do not align with you, but on the first date, it’s rather stand offish.

There are other things too, but it’s safe to say that these five points should get you across the first date boat pretty easily. We’ll get you more tips for the second date. Be sure to keep checking us out!

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